All frozen Fazer products have detailed baking instructions on the package label, but some materials such as the product catalogue only have color coded pictures of instructions in Finnish. Below are the pictures and translations of the instructions.

In green category there are two different labels, "Sulattamalla valmis" and

"Sulattamalla valmis/ Voi lisäksi paistaa (Tai paisto)"

Examples below:

Sulattamalla valmis = Thaw, no baking

Thaw for 60 minutes:



Sulattamalla valmis / Voi lisäksi paistaa = Thaw and bake (for a short time) if you like

For example as below:

Thaw for 60 minutes and bake at 200˚C for 5 minutes.

OR: Sulattamalla valmis / Tai paisto = Thaw or bake frozen



Jäisenä uuniin = Bake frozen

For example as below: 

Bake frozen (no thawing) at  200 - 220˚C for  8 minutes.



Sulatus ja paisto = Thaw and bake

For example as below: 

Thaw 30 minutes and bake at 200 - 230˚C for 15 minutes.



Raakapakaste = Raw frozen dough

These products have detailed baking instructions on the product package label.