Fazer Bakeries launched tasty and healthy novelties this fall. Try the new HUIKO vegetable pasty for more healthy option or indulge your customers with delicious Pecan baguette. Don't forget our seasonal products! Get lovely Christmas feeling by baking Fazer Sweet bun with gingerbread filling or Fazer Tart with plumfilling.

Fazer HUIKO –  new pasty with healthier ingredients

We bring a true novelty into the snacking category: a healthier savoury pasty with veggie filling and new kind of dough with more seeds and less fat and wheat.

Fazer HUIKO, MiFU®-Vegetable 100x75g (EAN 6413467346705)

This pasty is filled with vegetable and Valio Mifu® (milk protein crumb) filling. Tomato, bell pepper and onion mixed with Mifu® combine into a healthy and delicious snack.

  • Raw frozen pasty, bake frozen (no thawing)
  • Lactose free


Fazer Pecan Baguette 25x290g (EAN 6413467354403)

Fazer Pecan baguette has been baked in France with a Fazer recipe. Great taste comes from tasty sesame seeds on top and crunchy pecan nuts baked in the dough. A bit of honey in the dough smoothens the flavours.

  • Thaw or bake frozen. Can be served without baking.
  • No additives, no milk, lactose free, high in salt (salt 1,4%)
  • Perfect product for a café



Fazer Vitriinisämpylä (Multigrain roll) 35x90g (EAN 6413467357602)

Fazer Vitriinisämpylä roll has been renewed: now with less salt!

Fazer Vitriinisämpylä is deliciously soft multigrain roll with tasty sesame seeds and cotton seeds on top. Roll’s recipe has been renewed and has now less salt than before.

  • Thaw, no baking
  • Low in lactose, salt 1,1%



Fazer baked Christmas for you

Fazer Christmas' seasonal products are always popular with the customers.

This year we brought a true novelty to our seasonal product range!


Fazer Jyväinen Hyrrä, Aura®-Fig 80x66g (6413467346606)

is a delicious fusion of sweet fig jam and salty blue cheese (Valio Aura®).

  • lactose free
  • thaw and bake


Fazer Tart with plumfilling 80x64g 
(EAN 6411402808301)

Fazer Tart with plumfilling is a classic Christmas tart for café or