1 HUIKO Mifu®-vegetable pasty
2 dl salad leaves (washed and ripped)
1/2 dl cucumber pieces
5 pieces of semi-dry tomato
1/4 dl olives, slices or halves
1 cut in 6 pieces
1/2 dl grated cheese (Emmental, Gouda or Västerbotten)
1 tbls. olive oil
1/2 tps salt

Tee näin

Bake pasty according to instructions.

Boil the egg, let it cool of and peel it. Drain the salad leaves, dry them and rip in smaller pieces. Cut the cucumber in small pieces and cut or half the olives. Grate cheese and mix them with other ingredients, and place salad on plate. Add the still warm pasty and place the egg slices on top of salad.