House buns
Whipped cream or Italian meringue
Raspberry or strawberry jam

Tee näin


Thaw House buns, brush with beaten egg and bake at 180 °C 8 - 12 minutes. Let the buns cool and cut of the top of the bun. Place jam in the middle of the bottom half and pipe whipped cream or meringue around the jam. Place top half carefully on top, do not press.

TIP: Use Italian meringue for non-dairy option.

Italian meringue
3 egg whites
2 ½ dl sugar
1 dl water

Boil sugar and water into syrup: syrup is done when a bubble appears slowly, and it gets bigger. Whip egg whites as the syrup is boiling. When the syrup is ready, stream the hot sugar syrup into your egg whites as they continue to whip. Keep whipping until meringue is approximately 37 °C.