Fazer Karelian Potato Pasty 72x87g (6413467366208)

Fazer Karelian Potato Pasty is back in bigger size. This delicious pasty is great snack for café or catering. Serve as it is or with toppings.

  • Lactose free
  • Bake frozen – quickly done


Fazer Diamond roll multigrain 80 x 80 g (EAN: 6413467368301)

Fazer Diamond roll is now even better than before. Inside this delicious roll’s crispy crust there is soft dough with tasty seeds.

  • New smaller sales unit: 80 x 80 g
  • No milk, lactose free
  • Now with less allergens: doesn’t contain nuts or milk
  • Suitable for vegan diet
  • Bake frozen – quickly done
  • Please note that the product has new product number and EAN-code


Seasonal doughnut – limited edition
Fazer Sweet lemon doughnut 12 x 105 g (6413467325809)

Delicious seasonal donught with green frosting and sweet lemony filling.

  • No milk, lactose free
  • Thaw, no baking
  • Deliveries to wholesales 30.1. – 29.4.2018