Many of us dream of setting up our own restaurant or a café and serving happy customers all day long. Making this dream come true requires lot of patience, careful planning and knowledge of business world. For a beginner it can seem a very complex and difficult task. To make this a bit easier, we have gathered links to different sites with helpful information for setting up your own business.

Useful link regarding permissions:

Find out about setting up your own business:

Business planning:

Information about taxation:


Setting up a business begins with a business idea. What is the basic idea of your business? Why would the client choose your enterprise over others?

Business plan

Before starting a business, one must have a business plan. This includes business idea, target group, location, background information and calculations for a profitable business. If these have been defined carefully and in detail, the enterprise in more likely to succeed.

Good to remember

  • check that the premises you are planning to use have been approved by local authorities as a restaurant or café – if not, then a permission is needed from local Food Agency
  • it is not always possible to change a business premises in to a restaurant or café
  • remember to check from local authorities if there are restrictions in town/street plan or preservation order regarding your establishment
  • if you plan to build or renovate, check with local authorities for requirements and permission
  • all new and renewed establishments need to have a fire inspection by the fire department
  • all establishment with space for more than 50 customers are required to have a fire escape plan
  • selling alcohol requires special licence
  • to be able to handle un-packed and easily perishable products a hygiene passport is required
  • more information go to:
  • terrace or tables set outside your establishment require special permission from both property owners and city engineer’s office and also a notification to the police
  • outside advertising requires special permit, also check this with property owner in advance if there are limitations

When choosing your product range, please contact Fazer’s sales representative. We will help you to build a selection suited for your business’ specified needs. Contact information for nearest sales representative from this link.